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How much do I need to save for my child's education?

It is never too early to start saving and planning for your child(ren)'s education. For most families, the easiest way to save is by making regular RESP contributions. This education savings calculator will help you estimate how much money you need to put into an RESP account each year to cover those education costs.

You will be asked to enter some personal information as you use the calculator. Don't worry - none of this information will be recorded or saved. To make a copy of the results of the calculator, just hit the "Print Results" button and the document will be sent to your printer.

Note: There are other ways to save for your child(rens) education, such as a lump sum payment of up to $50,000 or even saving outside of an RESP. This calculator does not address these scenarios — we would suggest that you consult a qualified professional if you are considering these options.

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